Download nemulator!

nemulator 4.4


nemulator uses DirectX 10, therefore Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, or 11 is required. If you receive an error message stating that d3dx10_43.dll is missing, please download the latest DirectX 10 update from Microsoft at

Notes and known issues
  • IMPORTANT! If your monitor refresh rate is not set to 60Hz (LCD monitors usually are, CRTs are usually not), set app.timer_sync to true in nemulator.ini.
  • nemulator, by default, looks for ROMs in c:\roms\nes and c:\roms\sms. This can be changed in nemulator.ini.
  • To ensure the smoothest graphics, nemulator dynamically adjusts the audio playback rate to stay in sync with the video refresh rate. Most emulators lock the audio playback rate which can lead to stuttering/tearing of the display (when scrolling, for example). Resampling audio on the fly can be tricky, though... feedback on how well this works for you is appreciated.
  • Default key assignments are:
    • Up/Down/Left/Right - Arrow keys
    • A button - X
    • B button - Z
    • Start - ]
    • Select - [
    • A turbo toggle - A (+ left shift to decrease rate, + right shift to increase rate)
    • B turbo toggle - S (+ left shift to decrease rate, + right shift to increase rate)
  • Press A or Start at the menu screen to start a game
  • Press B at the menu screen to bring up the menu
  • In-game, press and hold Start+Select to bring up the menu
  • Alt+Enter switches between fullscreen and windowed modes
  • F2 to reset, F3 to switch between fast and accurate emulation modes
  • F6 to take screenshot (screenshot_path in nemulator.ini must exist)
  • Options, including key assignments, are not configurable through nemulator's interface. If you need to change something, modify nemulator.ini.